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Lagoa Training & Artists

I often get requests of Lagoa artists available. I know a handful of them and I always pass it around to the people I know. But from time to time someone new appears doing beautiful simulations. See Artemy Craft on Vimeo.

I’m putting together a list of Lagoa users that should go on the website, so if you are a “pro” and want your name to be there just drop me a line.

If you are not a pro – drop me a line too, but it might be good time to become one since there’s now plenty of Lagoa Training out there, and also demand. So to help you get started with the tool I’m listing two places you can start with:

Digital-Tutors has a nice collection of videos that should cover the basics. You can jump right in.

i3D Tutorials has recently published a two volume Lagoa Training series with over 25 charpters that covers a whole lot:

Have a good learning of Lagoa Multiphysics!

Tendril for OpenText

Tendril Design+Animation Toronto based studio completed a beautiful piece for Open Text with lot’s and lots of papers simulated in Lagoa Multiphysics for Softimage

“On a technical level, much of the content animation was handled using Lagoa Technologies’powerful multiphysics simulation engine. Over the course of the project we simulated more than half a million ‘pages’ and generated over 45GB of simulation data. Lagoa was also extended in order to create the flocking behavior seen in some shots.”

I’ve participated in this project helping sorting out any kinks related to the paper simulation, as well as developing specific algorithms for stacking up papers and controlling the animations.

3D World Magazine CG Awards 2011

A couple more indications to Lagoa Multiphysics:
- Plugin of the Year
- Software innovation of the year

Vote now! :)

Lagoa Survey

This rolled out today: Lagoa Survey 2011

Takes like 5 minutes to answer and you might win a Mudbox+Maya license! But for real we need to get your input! go go go!

Lagoa Newsletter

We want to centralize news regarding updates, next beta cycles, training etc for Lagoa… So we put up a newsletter that you can sign-up at
Generally the design and development of Lagoa is highly driven by users, so don’t be shy if you get a couple questions from us at some point :)

Lagoa for Softimage – user videos on Vimeo

Check out what users are creating with Lagoa Multiphysics for Softimage on Vimeo!

Thanks Vladimir Jankijevic, Michael White, Yoshiyuki Watanabe, Guillaume Laforge, Stephan Woermann, Sam Howell, Andreas Böinghoff, Reinhard Claus, Farid, Byungchul Kang, Tim Marinov and everyone else.

Lagoa on CGSociety

Here is an interview I gave to CG Society about Lagoa Multiphysics.

Autodesk Master

I was nominated “Autodesk Master”,

I’ve own Autodesk Master 2010, category Softimage! :) You can see all nominees on

Thank you,

Focus on Lagoa

Today I have resigned from Ubisoft and decided to focus all my time on Lagoa.

Was great the time I spent at Ubisoft Digital Arts working on asset management tools and giving Technical Direction to Softimage users, but now I rather work on Lagoa and research computational physics and software development.

If you have interest to use our technology or services please contact us at:
[email protected]