Microsoft Zune

August 4th, 2008

Post the ZUNE project.

The Company was nominated in the category Main Title Design for the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards!
I was lucky enough to be on this project with Digital Kitchen - Seattle.

Watch The Company on DK’s website

The Company • TNT
Studio: Digital Kitchen
Creative Director: Matt Mulder
Lead Designers: Cody Cobb, Ryan Gagnier, Noah Conopask
Animatiors: Ryan Gagnier, David Holm, Pete Kallstrom, Matt LaVoy, Dayvd Chan
3D: Cody Cobb, Igor Choromanski, Gordana Fersini, Thiago Costa
Editor: Dave Molloy
Producer: Jill Johns, Colin Davis
Executive Producer: Mark Bashore

My participation here was on the last scene, from the transition to the mushroom to the end. The guys at DK and Cody Cobb specially worked really hard to give all the styling on the final frame, with lot’s of render passes and even drawing things by hand over the 3d render.

Nike Multiplicity

September 12th, 2007

Little animation for Nike. Did simulation, rendering, everything in XSI.
Simulation was really fun to do, the rigid body solver worked perfectly with a bunch of groups, two environments and animated RB constraints.
Nike (2mb)

Out of the country

July 16th, 2007

Got very good feedback to my demo Reel. Thanks everyone!
After some very nice job offers/interviews (and all the work to get an US visa), I’ve finally moved to Portland-Oregon.
Pacific Northwest looks awesome, if you are around here and know something fun to do… just send me a message!

I was hired by (the now Canadian) guys from to do texturing, lighting and animation for this project.
Texturing done in Photoshop and composition in After Effects, all the 3d work was produced using 3ds Max.
Together with Chris Bahry and Alexandre Torres I helped in the look development of this piece.

I trimmed the best shots that I worked on and glued in this small clip.
The sound is an intro of a music by John Frusciante. Thanks for his crazy intros.

Quicktime 640×480


June 10th, 2007

H2oh! is a flavored water type of thing that called for animated fishes inside of the aquarium.
At Conspiração Filmes filmes I had the opportunity to work in the modeling, animation and part of the rigs. I also painted textures and helped get the final style of the fishes.

I worked in two spots, the one for the launch of the product and the other for the new flavor Tangerine.
Our pipeline was Maya + Renderman and Photoshop.

Video 1 lemon - Quicktime 480×360
Video 2 tangerine - Quicktime 720×486

Game model

June 5th, 2007

Low poly game model done as an experiment for the Amsterdam based game studio Guerrilla Games
I did it using Maya, Zbrush|Mudbox and Photoshop.

Mudbox/Zbrush details, later baked into textures.

XSI Brasil

June 3rd, 2007

XSI-Brasil, the Brazilian website about the 3d software Softimage|XSI is back online.
There you will find videos showing XSI features and production techniques. Part of my work with tools development is also being posted in there.
(*site is in Portuguese)

Pepsi Lemon

May 15th, 2007

Pepsi campaign in Brazil is marked by these series of spots featuring two talking Lemons.
Here I have two of the spots I had worked on during my experience at Conspira filmes.

Finally got this online! It include works from 2006 and part of 2007.

Quicktime 320×240
Quicktime 640×480

Harpy - Personal Project

April 21st, 2007

This is a study of a 3d creature. Most of the work to finish this project was done in a month in my spare time.

Visit the project page to see details on the research and development of this animation.

Quicktime 640×480
Quicktime 480×360


March 10th, 2007

This project was done at Conspira filmes, I animated around 10 shots of this piece.

Visa - Soccer / New Zealand

February 15th, 2007

This was a spot done while working at  Conspira

My participation on the New Zealand spot was to integrate snowflakes in some shots, work out the trees to extend the set, make some snow trails,  integrate some boards… etc.

The “Soccer” one had a lot of 3d work too, I did model model stadiums, a bunch of tracking work to place things, added grass, animated some “Soccer” balls…

Hopefully you will not notice what’s 3d what not!

Fuel TV

January 3rd, 2007

In this project I was responsible for the 3d modeling of the character and all assets. My process started with photo references and basic modeling in XSI, then I moved the main character parts into Zbrush to refine and give more details to it.
Animation by Renato Ferro, directed by

Quicktime 640×480

* The treatment on this image is just a preview render.


March 12th, 2006

Bang-Bang is a Brazilian soap opera in a western world. lol

This was lot’s of fun to work on, I did a lot of modeling and shading work. Most of the assets and the work on the characters was split by me and Andre Holzmeister.
I had the opportunity to contribute on the design of the piece.

Quicktime 480×360

Early render test…

Bang-Bang © Rede Globo.

Sob Nova Direção

February 23rd, 2006

“Sob Nova Direção” is a comedy TV show aired in Brazil.
This animation was very fun to work as I also got to do the art direction. One of the most fun things was to paint the 2d backgrounds in Photoshop. We decided to do that because our staff was very limited for this project as other animations where going in parallel at the same time.

Most of the 3d work was divided by me and Andre Holzmeister. Andre did an awesome job animating everything while I painted the backgrounds.

Quicktime 480×360

Hoje é dia de Maria II

January 17th, 2006

Work done for the main titles of this TV show aired in Brazil.
The animation was done in After Effects using Photoshop layers. Photographs and sketches from the same material used in the actual production of the show was the base material to create this original 2.5d animated opening title.
This project was done in collaboration with Alexandre Romano and Andre Holzmeister, during my time working at TV Globo I did one of the best works so I’m really proud to have experienced this production.
My work was mostly in the aquatic scene and other elements through the animation including the gears and 2d rigs for the boot and other elements.

Quicktime 640×480

“Hoje é dia de Maria” is a TV series produced by the Brazilian TV channel Rede Globo and directed by Luiz Fernando Carvalho. This animation was done at Videographics, a department under supervision of Alexandre Pit Ribeiro and Hans Donner.


December 27th, 2005

Fly is a promo animation done at
My work on this piece was mostly modeling and animation of some scenes/cameras.

Quicktime 480×360